Our Team

The Heart Of The Kitchen

Zach Davis

Zach Davis

Zach's culinary career started at Cornell's location on Van Vranken Ave. He knows Cornells' traditional dishes and sauces better than anyone, while adding his own creativity. Zach's calm, friendly demeanor is a huge plus to all who work with him.

Ryan Nicklaw

Ryan's love of food and cooking was nurtured in his years at the Mohawk Golf Club's kitchen before partnering with Zach in giving added depth to Cornells' kitchen. He says there's an instant gratification he gets when a dish tor sauce comes together and he loves how food can bring people together.



Donna first started working as a server at the former Cornell's Restaurant over 20 years ago when it was located on Van Vranken Ave. Much to the chagrin of her loyal customers, she moved into management 4 years ago when we rebranded as Cornells in Little Italy. Affectionately called "Ma" by the staff, Donna's institutional memory and steadfast loyalty is highly valued by all who work with her.


George Ryon

Schenectady is home to George. His creativity has been reflected all through his life, both in his career as an art teacher at Lansingburgh HS and as a fine woodworker and builder. He's no stranger to excellent food so it was little wonder he became a friend of Cornells long ago. His creative eye and knowledge of building issues are invaluable in keeping Cornells' incredible legacy viable and vibrant. He's known for creating an increasingly popular drink called "The George". Ask for one.

Jack Hume

Jack has known Cornells' partner George since they were kids. His career at the Daily Gazette made him a natural at editing and all things relating to print, skills handy to have in the restaurant world. Jack brings a quiet, grounded demeanor to the running of the restaurant and a flash of humor that cracks Donna up.

Connie Hume

Connie met Jack in NY, 1971. For someone who loves people, continuing a tradition of warm hospitality is something that comes naturally to her as well to all those who are associated with Cornells. Seasonal touches are part of Connie's world, whether it's Cornells' summertime window boxes overflowing with Geraniums or Holiday decorations celebrating all things festive.